Saturday 23 December 2017

Aliens vs Predator: Predalien TO-DONE!

Hi folks,

I picked up a Predalien for Sgt Waz this Christmas. We have played Aliens vs Predator quite a bit this year and, apart from being horrifically difficult most of the time, it has been an absolute blast. As fans of both the Aliens and Predator franchises, it really hits the spot in terms of aesthetic, game-play and themes. The models are a real joy, if you like all things gribbly:

I also got a few "Corpse Field" bases from Micro Art Studios. Sgt Waz chose this one: I assure everyone that any resemblance that the victim has to Santa Claus is purely coincidental...

After taking this shot I added another coat of Tamiya Clear Red to the gore effects. As it wasn't quite red enough yet. To prepare the gore I panted the viscera in Leadbelchers then washed it with Sepia. I find that this gives the best final result. The reflectivity of the Leadbelchers bounces light back up through the Tamiya clear red, accentuating the translucent blood effect. The Sepia prevents the red from looking too metallic; that candy apple red.

Apart from the black/shadow grey of the xenomorph carapace, I also tried to add some of the Predator paint scheme in there as well. I have seen some examples of this being done that went over the top, so I tried to just keep it to the mandibles and chest, with some metallic highlights on the dreadlocks. Hopefully this points back to the primogenitor enough.

With this guy done, I have completed half of my Paint My Present projects. The Yu Jing TAG for KuriboGoomba, and Grey Knights for The Trooper, will have to wait until just after Christmas. Hopefully in time for our next gaming session!

Merry Christmas!


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