Sunday 15 July 2018

Battletech: Heavy Command Lance TO-DONE!

Hi folks,

It was about two years ago that KuriboGoomba gave me this lance of Mechs to work on, having found them in the depths of his oldest possessions. They were beaten up to hell and caked in goodness-knows-what, requiring hours of laborious cleaning up. It was originally my intention to get them finished in time for his next Birthday, but I ended up doing something else for that. Sadly, he didn't make it to his Birthday this year; trust me when I say he would have loved this lance of Mechs.    Looking beyond the 7 particle cannons and 12 medium lasers locked and charged, the 300 or so tons of aggression and the adequate paint job, these Mechs are special. These versions of the models are no longer available due to a long going legal battle between the makers of Battletech and Robotech. They are also the designs that got us into Battletech in the first place and will always carry that sense of nostalgia. When Goomba originally received them he was blown away but didn't quite know what to do with them. Perhaps now we can call them done.


A dedicated command Mech, the Battlemaster packs a punch with its PPC and suite of six medium lasers, two of which are rear-firing (to counter back-stabbing jerk-faces). Two machine guns round at the weapons load, though up close you are better forgoing fringe them to smash home a punch in the physical attack phase.


The classic Tomahawk Destroid design from Macross is a striking figure. With its wide-bore arm cannons, torso weapon clusters and asymmetrically mounted missile system, it has long been a fan favourite. In Battletech the design was used to produce the Warhammer Mech, a close range brawler that can still slam the enemy at range with two particle projector cannons. The only thing better than having one Warhammer in a lance of Battlemechs is having two of them.


Based on the "Glaug" Zentraedi Officer's pod from Macross, the Marauder was KuriboGoomba's favourite Mech. Compared to the humanoid figures of the other Mechs, it is a decidedly alien design. It is an elegant Mech to play, sniping with its PPC's and light autocannon, using its medium lasers for close range brawling when necessary. If I had to choose, I would hide my commander in one of these and provide supporting fire from range, whilst my second in command rumbles up the front in the Battlemaster. I think Goomba would approve.

These models will form the command Lance of a Mercenary unit I'll be dabbling in. I haven't named the unit yet, so if you come up with any good names, let me know and I will consider it ;-)

See you across the table,


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