Sunday 22 July 2018

Tyranids: Aliens-Themed Ravenors TO-DONE!

Hi folks,

I have been waiting to use these Alien xenomorph heads for a long time. I originally bought them from Chapterhouse Studios to use on a unit of Tyranids Warriors, but with my Nids taking on a particularly snake-like appearance, Ravenors seemed like a more characterful choice. I like how the burrowing rules for Ravenors suit the project as well; maybe they don't show up on infra-red at all...

I have armed them with rending claws and spinefists, to give them some real sting in close combat and a bucket-load of shots. Using the Jormungandr strategy, they'll probably end up escorting my Zoanthropes into combat.

I have added a bit of gore effects to the mouths and upper torso on half of them (rounded up!), which drums home that horror theme I think.

I had a lot of trouble finding enough rending claws for the project. Sgt Waz kindly donated five sets from the Tyrannid Warrior sprues, but I also had to cut some old Genestealer arms to fit. Those arms already have a creepy pose to them on a good day, but I have also tried to pose the models to make them look like they are looming over unsuspecting prey.

Posting these guys on social media has been fun, because things like this always spark an Aliens quotes war. My kind of people!

Next on the table are some custom infestation markers (eggs!) and a whole heap of rippers (chestbursters!!). Skreeeee!!!

See you across the table,


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