Friday 24 August 2018

The Great Ripper Hunt

Hi folks,

To complete my 2000 point Tyranid list, I found myself needing 12 bases worth of rippers. At three ripper models a base, that amounts to 36 of the little buggers. I had previously constructed 5 bases worth, which was a good start, but the rest would have to be scrounged from my bits boxes. My bits boxes, after 22 years of collecting, are a bit like the mines of Moria; it is possible to delve too deep...

I found a few gribblies in this box, on various Nid sprues, but knew I would have to delve deeper. there were an awful lot of Dark Angels in there as well, which I stashed somewhere separate. Suffice to say my work will be cut out for me next hobby season :-)

After a while made it down to the "too hard boxes". Basically, I fill these boxes with all the junk that is too hard to use for anything. Invariably (and incongruently), when I am desperate for a part, it can be found in these boxes.

Opening up these boxes is like looking into a time capsule...

Yes, that's a Forest Dragon head in there.

In there I found the first banner I ever painted, for my Legion of the Damned dreadnought (shudder):

I'm pretty sure that should be Verbum Fidei. My 14 year old Latin sounds a lot like Spanish,
but more...wrong.

I also found these little treasures. I actually have space for them in the list, but the thought of repainting makes me feel, I don't know... faintly sad. I think I'll just get another 10 from the easy build kits, and finish these guys off for old time's sake.

I also found a whole pile of rippers! I had a feeling I had dumped a handful in there just after 3rd Edition dropped. Now I just need to paint them before the end of the hobby season (Tuesday!). It's going to be a busy weekend :-)

See you across the table,


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