Monday, 21 January 2019

Age of Sigmar: Wild Rider Mounts

Hi folks,

The past week I have been working on some Wild Riders for my daughter, who has come up with her own game using them. She often joins me on forays to the local GW in Liverpool (Sydney) and loves to look at the creatures in the Age of Sigmar range. She got a bit of money for Christmas two years ago and asked if I would paint something for her, so I went halves in a Sisters of the Thorn kit. Our new dog, Saffi, chewed one of them just after I primed it, so I picked up another box to make up for the disappointment. She has asked that three of the figures be painted as Wild Riders (boys) and six as Sisters of the Thorn (girls).

Since picking up the figures I have primed all of them and airbrushed same base-colours on the Wild Rider mounts (XV-88). I finished painting the first three mounts last night and spent a bit of time basing them.


If you are wondering about the grey parts on the base, that is something I saw walking through the fire fields of the local bushfire last year. The ash had accumulated on one side of the sandstone rocks due to the wind driving the fire front. It was pretty eerie and I thought that maybe the riders were rushing to protect their forest from a fire, or were fighting an ongoing battle that had seen part of their forest damaged already.

Next I'll be working on the aelves themselves and wifey has mentioned that she would be happy to help me paint the Sisters of the Thorn mounts (Yay!).

I'm falling a little behind schedule, with the holidays over and work cracking its whip of many (many) thongs. I have also had a neat little X-wing miniatures project dropped in my lap, which I think I will try to knock over in the next couple of days.

See you across the table,


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