Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Kill Team: Eddie and the Troopers

Happy New Year folks!

My last project of 2018 was a Necron Kill Team for a community contest the Warhammer 40 MeWe group was hosting. The group is small but has some familiar friendly faces, so if you are interested in a positive, supportive 40K community to share with, I suggest you consider joining.

Anyway, the idea of the contest was that each participant was assigned a random 40K army which they had to work on, producing a unit of some description before the end of the year. I scored Necrons, which I was fairly happy with. I loved using them in Dawn of War, back in the day, and I was quite prepared to do anything they threw my way (except for Tau...).

My mate Jimmy gave me an old school Android from Space Crusade to add to the project. Looking at the guy while I was painting him, I had this odd thought that he looked a bit... just a bit... like Steve Harris from Iron Maiden. And didn't that open a can of worms 😂

Sgt Waz managed to snaffle a Start Collecting box of Necrons for me to harvest from a local GW store owner's personal collection (he owed Waz a BIG favour... something about a whole heap of display models that got painted or such-and-such).

I decided to paint as many of them as I can as versions of Eddie, from the covers of Iron Maiden albums. Ignoring the challenge of the detailed painting and conversions that would be required, painting such an eclectic, diverse selection of schemes was going to be wild. As such, I added a few unifying features; the shoulder armour colours and bases. Everything else... well... see for yourself:

Pilgrim (Immortal Leader)

To facilitate the posing, I removed the energy feed that usually attaches to the back. If I placed the gun across the front of the model, it would cover a lot of detail that I wanted to be showing off. The helmet was a resin miscast from Victoria Miniatures. I hollowed out the head inside and blippity-bloop.

Shaman (Immortal Comms specialist)



Extraterrestrial/ET (Deathmark Sniper specialist) 


Cyborg (Immortal Veteran specialist)


The Troopers (Fire Team Necron Warriors, lead by Eddie)


For my next challenge I will put together a background that somehow fits such an outrageous theme! If Sgt Waz will let me push my luck, I may even end up with a commander as well, who will look something like this:

See you across the table,


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