Saturday 9 November 2019

BattleTech: Black Widow Part 1

Hi folks,

A couple of months ago a good mate at work offered to give me some old Robotech toys he had decided to part with. He had kept them since he was a kid and was hoping they would go to a loving home. I gratefully accepted and was very excited to see that one was a Destroid Tomahawk, an absolutely awesome Mech design that also features in BattleTech.

I spent a whole day with Wade and Joel in Akihabara searching for one of these, finding a fantastic kit at the end of the day, that I now have on display in the family games room. Knowing that this is also Wade's favourite 'Mech design, I wanted to do something special with my unexpected windfall. Wade is a fan of the Wolf's Dragoons faction in BattleTech, which includes a famous MechWarrior by the name of Natasha Kerensky. Also known as the "Black Widow", Natasha most famously piloted a Warhammer BattleMech, based heavily on the Tomahawk's design. Here's a modern example of her Mech's paint scheme:

With something like this in mind, I went about preparing the model. To start with, I shaved off all the old Robotech stickers, covered up the screw-holes with blutac and gave it a scrub in warm soapy water; there was ~ 20 years of grime in the corners I think!

When the model was clean and dry, I undercoated it black using a Citadel rattle-can. After 24 hours of drying I taped out some thin, straight lines, using green painter's tape. I use this tape very carefully, as it can tear up paint and cause more trouble than it is worth. In this situation, however, it is great for marking out a thin, straight, line; as long as you remove the tape carefully whilst the paint of the line is still wet.

With perhaps the most challenging technique required for this project turning out quite well, I was confident I could get the job done, given enough time. I'll post the finished project over the next couple of days.

See you across the table,



  1. Hey Marc it’s amazing your robot and also I was one of the reindeer for Santa on Saturday and yesterday went to the tram museum which I haven’t been there in a while and Sasha has been very helpful to me and I see him when I have appointments to help me and thanks for helping me in 2010 11 12 and I’m very excited about Disney world and I love the new lion king that I watched 2xs at the cinema this year and in 2 days time it’s coming out on DVD and blu Ray

    1. Thanks mate :-) I'm glad to hear you are having fun. I haven't seen the new lion king film yet but I hear it is quite good. I will be painting some reindeer models this month for Penny!