Tuesday 26 November 2019

Iron Snakes: Squad Aegis TO-DONE!!!

Hi folks,

Squad Aegis has been on my mind for a very long time. Back in the days of outrageously good grav cannons, I decided to pick up some Centurions for my Iron Snakes. Upon getting them home, though, I pretty much did what I always do; throw competitiveness out the window in favour of some crazy conversion juju. The first combat squad I finished for Squaduary this year, armed with a combination of assault cannon, heavy bolter (for popping hellfire rounds), hurricane bolters and shields. I chose the assault cannon for these guys because I could imagine them hunkering behind the shield and firing a "spear" of tracers. This combination obviously isn't codex legal, but pffft. The shields were custom laser cut by ML Shields, after a really fun Facebook messaging sesson where I helped him design them.

The second squad took a little longer, being armed with heavily converted plasma cannons. Again, I could imagine them firing a "spear" of energy, which fit the theme I was running with. I managed to finish this second combat squad off last week, after chipping away at it for 6 months.

I imagined the Centurion with the helmet plume to be the sergeant, striding out and pointing the finger at some objective.

The next model is undergoing some kind of emergency plasma venting. I figured this may be a way to model a Centurion receiving aid from an apothecary, particularly where plasma weapons are involved. You can see the little portable heat sink on the base at the back, cleverly (perhaps) hiding the fact that Centurions are essentially mono-pose and I had nowhere else to put the damn power lines! There is a neat glow effect that I did for it, that I blissfully forgot to capture when I took these photos. I'll try to add an extra shot with the necessary angle when I can be bothered.

The final Centurion actually has my favourite pose of the whole squad. I don't know, he just looks... boss. I was going to make this guy a squad standard bearer, but decided against it; the banner looked too small.

I have a couple more Iron Snakes units on the paint table at the moment, as I try to add some Primaris punch to my list. After this effort though, I'm going to take a short break to finish a special project for my daughter. Keep an eye out for it!

See you across the table,



  1. Great to see them all finished up together. Bravo.
    Both sets look great and I am always a fan of style.

  2. Awesome! They look great, congrats on the completion and the results.