Friday 7 February 2020

Squaduary: Squad Damocles Progress

Hi folks,

Well, my projects are starting to overlap with each other again. I was busy painting my daughter's Sisters of the Thorn models and basing my Iron Snakes Storm Eagle when the calendar ticked over to Squaduary. My plan for this year was to use my Conquest models to build Damocles Squad, the main protagonists in Dan Abnett's "Brothers of the Snake" novel.

The first model is the main hero of the story, Sergeant Priad of Damocles, armed with a lightning claw and custom laser-cut boarding shield from ML Shields (who did my Centurion's shields as well).

Etched into each shield is the following:

"Fear the snake, enemies of man. For his coils encircle us and his bright eyes unblinking watch over us forever".

I have also kit-bashed Apothecary Khiron using a lot of pieces from the Ravenwing Knights box. He is one of my favourite characters in the book, so I am pretty chuffed to have a model to represent him now.

Drill that barrel!

I have also managed to convert Brother Andromak, the gunner of the squad...

Sergeant Priad stopped Andromak at the bottom of the assault ramp. "Brother, it is customary for Primaris to eschew the use of heavy weaponry. We sacrifice mobility at our peril." Andromak hefted the massive plasma cannon one-handed. "My apologies, Sergeant Priad. It looked small in the armoury...".

I'm hoping to get the rest built during the weekend, which will mean converting four more shield arms and a pair of auxiliary grenade launchers (somehow). Happy Squaduary everyone!

See you across the table,



  1. Great conversions. I look forward to seeing paint on them!

    1. Cheers :-) Me too, though my head is full of conversion ideas at the moment.

  2. I will be picking up Abnett's Brothers of the Snake based on your excellent interpretations. You better hurry if you want to complete Squaduary!