Sunday 22 March 2020

Monster March: Week 4 Progress

Hi folks,

We have just started the fourth week of the March, which is a little late to be starting a month-long painting challenge. Thankfully, me pledge isn't too big this time. My main goals for this hobby season were to paint some of by Space Hulk figures, so working on this Broodlord feels like I am killing two birds with one stone (don't kill birds, kids). Today I started with a Vallejo Purple and Periscope undercoat, which went on like a dream. The skulls were undercoated in Dead Flesh (or something gross sounding like that).

I spent a little bit of time adding some shade by washing the model with darker purples and Nuln Oil. The skulls also got a sepia wash, followed by Nuln oil. I think went through and picked out detail, such as the veins, eyes, teeth and armour on the head.

I also painted the terminator helmets in both Blood Angels and Deathwing schemes to reflect the boarding teams I will be working on.

To finish it off I just need to highlight the Periscope colour (dark turquoise), the black claws and work some metallics into the base.

So there is some quick progress! In other news, my local GW is running a Monsters painting competition ending 25 April which I decided to enter. The main reason for this was to support the business. I wouldn't be surprised if the next time I go there it will be closed and I'll be pushing my painted competition entry through a trapdoor with a long stick. I bought myself a Sylvaneth Start Collecting box, so my entry will be a Treelord of some description. Oscar came with me and some Gryphounds caught his eye; I couldn't say no to them either. Considering we'll be at home quite a bit from now on, a few hobby distractions will be welcome for all of us.

Sooo, that escalated quickly! I am pretty sure I can get the Broodlord done with another hour of work, but the Treelord is going to be a lot of (fun) work.

See you across the table,



  1. Your take on the purple skin is superb, wonderful brushwork so far.
    Looking forward to the treelord.

  2. That Broodlord is such a nice miniature. I always found the purple and pink colourscheme a bit daunting, but you work in some nice colour progressions with the washe and make it look good.

  3. The Broodlord is coming along quite well! I love the blue veins on the head and the Deathwing Terminator helmet details. Onward to the finish!

  4. The Broodlord is coming along quite well! I love the blue veins on the head and the Deathwing Helmet details. In the home stretch!