Monday 2 March 2020

Old Stuff Day!

Hi folks,

Happy Old Stuff Day!!! With a blog called "Old School Gaming" I guess it is no surprise that Old Stuff Day is one of my favourite days of the year. This year I thought I would do something a little different and cleave a little closer to the original spirit of the occasion, by visiting my favourite blogs and posting some links to articles I have enjoyed.

Old School Gaming

To start with, I'll dredge up an old favourite from my own blog. A while ago I interviewed my wife on what it is like to live with an Old School gamer and posted her responses to my questions. It is quite illuminating for those deeply entrenched in the hobby, I think: enjoy!


It took me way longer than I care to admit to find Siph_Horridus' blog. I literally stumbled upon it whilst searching for other blogs that feature obscure Chapters of Space Marines. Siph_Horridus collects Relictors ("collects" is an understatement) and posted an RTB01 Relictors squad for Squaduary a few years ago. It is pure awesome sauce.

Chucking Monkeys

I have been following MonkeyChuka's work on a couple of platforms for ages; his Tyranids are to die for (literally). This tutorial on how to paint Hive Fleet Nidrot doesn't bring me remotely closer to being able to paint like that, but it is as inspiring as heck.

Cadian Shock: Warhammer 40K Blog

Deep down inside, I am a tread-head. I love tanks in 40K and lament the fact that I have so many unpainted. Well, this blog is a tread-heads delight. This post in particular reminds me of an old White Dwarf battle report, where a player asks for advice before the game, to which the reply was "how many Leman Russ do you have?". It is not that old a post, but if it inspires you, you will dig for more (you know you want to). From a bloggers perspective, it really does set the bar high as well. I wish I had the patience to document a finished project so comprehensively!

Confessions of a 40K Addict

There was a time when I really cut back on my social media/forum/blog engagement. There were only a few blogs that I kept my eyes on, having made a commitment to myself that I would try and be more active from a community point of view. Fewer blogs, but more investment. Dave's blog was one of the few that I kept, mainly because it so closely paralleled my own interests (Dark Angels and Tyranids!). He also seemed like a really top bloke :-) I would be happy posting a link to any one of his old posts here, but I will pick an obscure one for simple nostalgia reasons. Every year for the past 6 years I have joined with other 40K Addict fans to write a To-Do list that I promptly/mostly ignore until some kind of mad existential panic sets in around July. This post was when I first took the plunge and joined the alumni.  You should totally join us next year... you know you want to... there are badges...

P.S. I have made some progress on those Iron Snakes!

St Andrews Wargaming

Corrm has a fantastic collection of diverse articles on his blog. I humbly submit exhibit A, a detailed post about how the shooting phase has evolved since 2nd Edition.  Having started my 40K journey during 2nd Ed. I could vividly remember playing each and every iteration of pew pew, for better or for worse. It brought back so many memories of old games. Brilliant!

The Beard Bunker

This blog is utterly brilliant. I don't quite know what to say about my choice of post for Old Stuff Day here, as the link will take you to a recent post. Go and check it out, if you will, then subscribe and explore the rest. The post I will send you to was written by a member of the Beard Bunker crew who recently passed away, and was posted posthumously. It made me think about a lot of things; what I would do if I was in the same position, or what others may do for me, friends I have lost and the good times I have had with friends through the medium of this amazing hobby. Anyway, take a deep breath, here is the link.

The Burning Eye

It's just before midnight here in Sydney, so I had better publish this post before Old Stuff day is over for another year. I started trolling through The Burning Eye for a post to show everyone but ended up reading a whole bunch and couldn't pick a single one, so here, choose your own adventure! I don't have much time for competitive play, list building, codex reviews or battle reports except when they are from The Burning Eye. The blog is just getting back into the swing of things (keep at it!), so hit it up for some rules analysis, with a healthy side order of wonderfully painted and competitive Primaris models. Seeing how the Swords of Dawn have developed in both paint scheme and composition has been a joy and worth sharing.

That's it for now, I'll leave you with this old school project my son is helping me with; 2nd Edition card bunkers!!! I should have them finished during the weekend sometime, ready for some Old School 2nd Edition Gaming.

I realise I have taken some liberties in screen-shotting everyone's blogs and posting the images here. If you want me to remove the images of your blog, let me know and I will do so. Thanks for all of the amazing posts you folks have created over the years.

See you across the table,



  1. Cheers for the shout out Marc! Ha ha, I should get the entire old school stuff out for a Photoshoot tonight, 2 RTB01 Squads, 2 RT era Dreads, a Rhino and a Landspeeder! Your list of blogs above reads like my blogroll too!

    1. It was interesting to see everyone else's blogroll and realise that we all pretty much read the same blogs :-) I seriously love all of the RT era figures. They were just before my time but I played regularly against a few armies in 2nd Ed. featuring them. The Imperial Guard lascannon trooper looks like a camera man from Al Jazeera!

  2. Ah the nostalgia! I built that bunker many, MANY moons ago...had totally forgotten about it till seeing the above pic just now.

    1. I was lucky enough to get two of them after I split the cost of the 40K Battles book with three mates. So much nostalgia!

  3. Haha, Mr. Burns! I remember him! I wish they'd invented the 'coconut crab' scheme back in the day tho. I was never really happy with my Nid's colour scheme. Thanks for the shout out :D

    1. We have coconut crabs here in Australia; fricken huge and amazing colours. Anytime nature throws bright blue in the mix it makes my eyes pop. I like your scheme because it took a fairly simple colour combination and added incredible depth to it. It was the kind of scheme I would have liked to do if Nids weren't my speed painting army :-)