Wednesday, 2 September 2020

2020/21 Hobby Season To-Do List


Hi folks,

The past couple of years I have been fairly conservative with my To-Do lists, and still not managed to complete them! This year I think I will put down a whole bunch of projects and see what happens.

2nd Edition 40K

Deathwing Terminator squad

Tactical Squad

Scout Squad




Predator Annihilator


Brother Bethor

3rd+ Edition 40K

Ravenwing attack squad

Chaplain on bike

Belial (Storm of Vengeance)

Dark Angels Tactical Squad

Dark Angels Librarian

Fallen Tactical Squad (Squaduary)

Fallen Landraider Proteus (Armour in April)

Cypher (Jewel of July)

Fallen Dreadnought

9th Edition 40K

Interrogator Chaplain

Bladeguard Veteran Squad

Bladeguard Ancient

Deathwing Squad

Ravenwing Knights

Hellblaster Squad

Imperial Knight Special Character "Achilles" Aeternum (DreadTober)

Objective Markers

Fortress of Redemption

Necrons? (With the Wifey?!)

Ork Boyz (with The Boi)

Ork Nobz (with The Boi)

Ork Warboss (with The Boi)

Ork Painboy (with The Boi)

Ork Deff Kopters (with The Boi)

Van Diemen's World Heavy Weapons Team

Van Diemen's World Ogryn Bodyguard

Age of Sigmar

Sylvaneth Dryads

Druanti the Arch Revenant

Kurnoth Hunters

Chainrasps (for Penny's game)

Gryphounds (for Oscar)

Forest Dragon (Monster March)


Foxfire Company

ComStar Level II Unit

Marauder (Red Baron for Laurie)

Ghost Bears Binary

Space Hulk

Blood Angels Boarding Party

Deathwing Boarding Party



Well, that sure is a ton of stuff. Realistically, it will probably keep me going for a couple of years, but by casting my net wide, I'm hoping to catch a lot of fish. At the moment, the 2nd Edition projects for the Army Challenge and 9th Edition Dark Angels are the priority, with everything else being blissful distractions!

See you across the table,



  1. Big list! At least youve been able to pick out some tasks for specific months. It obviously helps we have some community organised focus for those months too - G.O.D. bless the community. I think my Tyrannofex will be Dreadtober.

  2. Plenty of inspiration there. I look forward to seeing what you pick out for projects in the coming months...

  3. Quite the challenge, should be good to work through.