Wednesday, 23 September 2020

2nd Edition Army Challenge: Deathwing Squad Ramiel TO-DONE!!!

Hi folks,

I think it goes without saying that these models are fairly old school. My mother purchased most of them for me from my FLGS when I was 15 years old, just in time for Christmas. I can remember telling her what I wanted and, because she didn't drive, walking with her for 45 minutes to the store to order them in. It was a walk we used to do fairly often and I talked all about what Deathwing and the Dark Angels were. 

Like all good parents, she suffered in silence 😉 

Now the folks at Megohm were a loveable but crotchety bunch of neckbeards. They were used to me dropping in after school and pouring over the blister packs, scheming army lists and such. The guy who owned the joint scowled at me when I said I wanted to order some Terminators; he was an Imperial Guard player and hated Terminators. The lady who worked there seemed happy to meet my mum though, if a little intimidated. My mother loved... fiercely. When they rang up the total price she looked at me and said "Are you sure you want these little men?" with that look in her eyes. "Yes, I do" I said solemnly.

I remember painting them at the kitchen table while mum cooked dinner, because in those days I could paint a squad in one sitting. They looked terrible, but yeah, all in one night! I distinctly remember painting the holes at the end of the assault cannon barrels, by blobbing black on the whole thing and wiping around the edges with my finger! I never removed the metal mold lines and flash either; I still found some when I was prepping these models, 25 years later.

This time around, I spent about an hour on the assault cannon arm alone. The eagle-eyed among you will recognise that it is actually a Wolf Guard assault cannon, packaged incorrectly in my original blister pack. I had a whole backstory about how this could happen, involving an allied force of Dark Angels and Space Wolves conducting a Wolf and the Lion trial on the eve of a battle. The Wolf Guard wins the fight, but during the battle the next day he is struck down. The Dark Angel champion, Ramiel, picks up the assault cannon and defends the prone Space Wolf until help arrives: they both end the story with their honour satisfied. It seemed right to name the squad after that champion, with the assault cannon being a fitting memento of the battle.

I also remember having a wretched time with the lightning claws. I particularly enjoyed repainting them, now that I have a better idea of how to do it. When 3rd edition changed all lightning claws and thunder hammers into power fists, I was gutted. I never really used them anymore after that, and they ended up in my bitz box for over two decades.

I am so glad that this army challenge has come along and given me the push I needed to do these venerable old models justice. Now I feel like honour has been satisfied; they were worth the walk.

See you across the table,



  1. Beautiful! Not just the models themselves -they look superb- but also the backstory and nostalgia that come with it.

    1. Cheers :-) That's what happens when you write posts at 1 am and you're feeling old!

  2. Beautiful work a a great classic set of minis!

  3. A great backstory and a joy to read and look at the old school gems. Great job

  4. My favourite thing about this was the awesome nostalgic tale, and that’s saying something because these are hella cool models too!

  5. It doesn't get much more old school than this.