Friday 16 July 2021

Hobby Diary Part 9: Azrael and Assault Marines


Hi folks,

During the week I have been busy constructing my assault marines for the 2nd Edition Army Challenge. The real challenge has been sourcing the powerfists I wanted to equip them with, because vintage close combat weapons don't exactly grow on trees. I know they can be 3D printed, but I had a couple of busted models with powerfists I knew I could hack up a little bit further. I also cut up a flamer from a spare monopose figure, taking off the right hand attachment and replacing it with the grip of a boltgun. Jumping in close and flaming things is fun in any edition, so I included a hand flamer in the squad as well. I also used a powerfist and chainsword from the classic CC sprue, then converted a 3rd edition chainsword to make it look more like the earlier version. To do this I shaved off most of the detail, such as the exhaust vent and skull pommel. They are now primed and ready for some airbrush work.


I have also been working on Azrael in preparation for a big final bonus month of the challenge. I am hoping to get the big three Dark Angels characters done by the end, including Azrael, Sapphon and Ezekiel. I have plans for Asmodai as well, which I may or may not pull off. I am using the official Asmodai figure for Sapphon, so Asmodai needs to be... something else. Azrael takes a long time to paint, as he is actually two figures and a fairly detailed backpack. The main body is well on its way, requiring some highlighting on the metallics and highlights on the black robes, combi-weapon and sword.

I also received my order from Greenstuff world, which included a textured roller for The Wifey's Necron bases. We are going to give it a go this weekend and see if we can base her first models! I'll post a little How-To tutorial when we figure out how to make it all work properly. 

See you across the table,




  1. Man, I love the sergeant's powerfist. It's so beautifully detailed, you can really imagine how it works. It's going to be a great squad!

    1. I think the old sculpts look fantastic! Now I just have to do them justice with the painting :-)

  2. Looking good. I love me some old school assault marines. Some one is getting a thumpin'.