Monday 18 August 2014

Hive Fleet Numereji

Hi folks,

Just a quick housekeeping update regarding my new Tyranids page: Hive Fleet Numereji. I have been playing and collecting Nids since the 3rd Ed. codex, though I have been painting them for a lot longer. The most recent incarnation of my Tyranid army is a work-in-progress, having stripped my figures of their old blue paint scheme in a moment of madness a few years ago. Before that fateful day, they used to look a little bit like this:

After brainstorming with my mate KuriboGoomba for what seemed like eons, we came up with a new scheme. It is very quick to paint, utilising metallics and washes where possible, allowing me to crank out new broods fairly rapidly. Now my Nids are starting to look like this:

The name Numereji relates to an Aboriginal legend about a giant serpent that terrorised tribes in the Kakadu nation of Northern Territory in Australia. The serpent emerged from the ground (sound familiar?) to devour people until only one was left, hiding in a tree. Unable to help herself, she swatted a mosquito that was biting her. Hearing this, the serpent attacked and swallowed her too. When challenged by another tribe, the serpent vomited up the bones of all the people it had eaten.

The paint scheme is based loosely around some models of the xenomorph used in the filming of the Aliens franchise, as well as the winter colouration of the Fierce Snake (Inland Taipan). Their head turns black in winter, allowing it to absorb more solar radiation. It also happens to wield the most potent venom of all the snakes. Thankfully they are only found in very remote areas, with most envenomation events occurring in captivity.

Anyway, I digress! Any new Nids will be posted on the dedicated Hive Fleet Numereji page. Meanwhile, you can take a look at what I already have on my shelf.

See you across the table,


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