Tuesday 12 August 2014

In the Works...

Hi folks,
Just a quick update on my 3rd Company Dark Angels project. I have snatched a couple of hours during the week to work on some of the figures in the Command Squad, with the Standard Bearer and Apothecary now close to completion.

I can still remember when dedicated Command Squads were introduced in 3rd Edition and everyone went “NOOOO! They are turning 40K into fantasy!” Well… that never happened, but I do miss the days when you could spread your specialists out a bit. It was fun to place your Apothecary and Standard Bearer where they were most needed.

I have always been a big fan of the Dark Angel banners. For starters, they look very cool with the angel motifs. Secondly, the rules have always had some great synergistic effects that helped to differentiate Dark Angels from the other Chapters. I have always included the sacred standards in my armies, and my long suffering mates all laugh at me and say things like “Time for a banner save!” whenever I roll them out. Love you guys...
This guy is carrying the Standard of Devastation, which greatly increases the boltgun shot output of nearby squads. The banner itself was snipped out of one of my (many) codices; it is just a place holder. I will hand paint my own at some stage. I love the way that it makes boltguns the focus of the force, it doesn’t get more “tactical” than that. In fact, I may just rename it the Standard of Tactical.

The Apothecary was a strange one to plan. Apothecaries usually have white armour, but I wanted this guy to have the robes of the Inner Circle as well. I always get a bit nervous when adding so many shades of white in such a small space, but I think it has worked out alright in this case. Apothecaries usually earn their points back in my experience, though I haven’t used one since Feel No Pain moved to 5+. At the very least, he is carrying a boltgun!


They both still have some basing and decal work that needs to be finished, which I am hoping to do this weekend. After that, I have one marine in the squad left to paint. I'll let you guess what weapon he is rocking.

See you across the table,


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