Thursday 28 August 2014

The 2014/15 Hobby Season

With just three days of winter left, it is time to think about spring cleaning: hobby-style. Dave Weston over at Confessions of a 40K Addict starts his new hobby season on the 28th of August each year and has invited other 40K bloggers to join in. If you check out his blog you will see that he is a prolific gamer, modeller and painter of Dark Angels and Tyranids: a man after my own heart.
The deal is this. We all write a list of to-do projects and every time we finish something off, we get to add one of these to our post:

So, here is my list for the 2014/15 Hobby Season:

Some of the projects have been sitting on the shelf for a while unfinished, whilst others are still bare metal or plastic on sprues. First on the list are the Iron Snake Sternguard I have been talking about, which I should have a test miniature for in the next couple of days.
Last but [sigh] not least, my garage, once lovingly called “the bunker”, is utterly trashed. Two kids in three years and impending house renovations will do that to any empty space I guess, even if that “empty” space happens to contain every article of gaming I own. I’ll have to do something about that mess…
See you across the table,


  1. Seems a well considered list of things to do. I'm not sure what X-XII are but I'll be interested to find out. I also have a couple of Land Raiders that may or may not turn up 'off list' ha, ha! Not even 24 hours in and I'm already going 'rogue'!

    When you do the Swarmlord will he be magnetised? I magnetised my Winged Tyrant so he can slo take the Swarmlord swords or his Dakka/Wings loadout. I've not used him as the Swarmlord yet but I am very glad I've got the choice. I'd heartily recommend doing it if you still have the chance.

    Good luck with it all, it'll be nice to see these crop up as 'To Done' as and when, all the best and thanks for taking part.

  2. I've tried to give myself a project for every month, plus the lighthouse which will be a very long term project: a good mate of mine just gave me a stash of LEDs...

    I have the parts to do some magnetising, but my Swarmlord is actually a heavily converted 3rd Ed. Tyrant. To finish him off (and another Tyrant of the same vintage) I am going to buy a new Dakka/Wings Tyrant and use the extra parts. So I'll end up with quite a few options anyway! I used the Swarmlord in previous editions and really took some heads, it will be really interesting to see how he goes these days.

    X-XII are all Battletech miniatures. It is not as dynamic a game as 40K but I love it to bits :-)


  3. I like the way you picked one project per month. Really excited to see your progress.

  4. I look forward to see the progress of your list in 2014/15, I love the idea of ​​the schedule that you have created, convenient to start and make your plans succeed.

  5. Thanks for the support folks. I have so many projects that have been sitting around unfinished and unloved, it will feel good to tie up some loose ends. Cheers!