Tuesday, 27 October 2015


Hi folks,

I have been so busy with work, the house extension and a special project for Halloween that I only just found out that it is Dreadtober! Joe over at Broken Paintbrush posted a great short story called The Interment of Brother Gud Kaninkarr and mentioned that it was for the Dreadtober challenge, so I went exploring to find out what it was and DAMN the interwebz is full of dreadnoughts this month.

Space Marine Dreadnoughts have always been my favourite unit and I have six of them floating around my garage in various stages of completion. This year they even made my To-Do list, as I am planning on running three of them in my Dark Angels army. When I saw that I had four days left to make a contribution to the Dreadnought challenge I immediately stormed into my garage and salvaged my oldest Dreadnought kit from the bitz box. His time had come.

With two fist-fulls of pieces I sat down with the kids and starting assembling. For one hour I was crazy busy; gluing, filing, filling gaps with green stuff and converting an assault cannon on the missile arm.

By 5.30 pm I had a Dark Angels Dreadnought built, armed with a twin-linked autocannon and assault cannon. The only thing missing was a decent  targetter for the assault cannon, which I soon fixed up. Over all, I am very happy with the build, though the model is so old that the metal is corroded in several places.

Later on I gave it a quick green spray using Army Painter.

That's a fair bit of dakka right there.

Now... all I have to do is paint it and do the base...

See you across the table,


P.S. Here is a little teaser for my Halloween project:


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