Sunday 25 October 2015

The Knight Before Christmas

Hi folks,

Decisions, decisions. It is getting towards Christmas and this is usually the time when I think about ordering something interesting. Buying online in Australia, particularly from the UK, is a particularly painful exercise; sometimes I think we are still paying the fines for all those convicts they sent over in the 1700's. Still... Forge World Imperial Knights... 

All you bloggers out there (keep up the good work) painting Knights have eroded my willpower and I am that close to biting the bullet, particularly with the offer of the free Knight Scion. I had a chat to a collector of Knights at my local GW and bounced some ideas off him; he had some serious neck-beard going on, so we got on just fine. We both lamented the fact that few of the Knights look like the old Epic models, a complaint that I'm guessing very few people would make.

Wifey was listening in and added her infinite wisdom:

1) "The GW ones are too short... they should be bigger"
2) "If you are going to get one you may as well go the whole hog"
3) "How much does that convert too?" [$375 AUS]
4) "Ahhh... well... if we run out of money you may have to wear it. Or eat it."

As she will be paying for whatever decision I make, I got her to take a look at the prime candidates and provide more infinite wisdom...

Option 1: I suggested that a GW Warden could be converted to look like the old Castellan, my absolute favourite Knight from my pre-teen Epic days (below). In reality though, I would probably just make a standard Warden. This would be the cheapest option, in fact, I could get two for the price of a single Forge World Knight. I also wouldn't have to muck about with resin, which would save a bit of preparation time.

Option 2: The new Knight-Atrapos has some wicked old school weapons going on, which makes me giggle on the inside. It stands nice and tall and the weapons have a lot of opportunities to paint glow effects which I enjoy doing, especially with the Graviton Singularity Cannon barrel open. Jen thought this guy looks cool but would fit more with skitarii (how's that for an insight!). She was also fascinated with what she called the "crotch-banner" and what I was going to paint on it.

 Option 3: A Knight-Lancer would fit in quite nicely with my Iron Snakes, rocking the spear and shield combo. I just wish the shield was different shape, though that is just me being picky and dreaming about razor saws... Jen felt the same, it just didn't excite her at all.

Option 4: Similarly, the Knight-Acheron's head makes it look like a Greek hoplite. I can't say I am fussed with the weapons it has though. If only I could get an Acheron head with a Lancer body... Anyway, I would definitely paint this guy to match my Iron Snakes. Wifey said it looked like a Spartan straight away, which was a plus, but it seemed to have a weak crotch banner flapping in the breeze.

Option 5: A Knight-Castigator would look pretty neat with my Dark Angels, having the most "Knightly" of heads in my opinion. It reminds me of the Mk III Iron Armour I am using for my Dark Angel veteran squad. My only concern was the style of the sword, which Jen also picked up on. A little too small and hollow for our liking.

After all that I am still undecided. Which Knight do you think I should get? Do you have a personal favourite? If you get a chance let me know what you think, I will probably make an order in early November.

See you across the table,


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