Thursday, 22 October 2015

Tukkayid Campaign: Nova Cats Part 1

Hi folks,

The Nova Cats have had a pretty good run so far in our Battletech games, despite the fact that none of the players in my gaming group care two jots about them. In our recent Luthien campaign the Nova Cats performed particularly well in urban/short range settings, with a certain Gargoyle C MechWarrior tearing it up with his Ultra AC 20. In the first scenario of the Nova Cats invasion of Tukkayid we decided to bring the same guy back for another go. We teamed him up with an Adder C Star-mate to take on three Comstar Mechs: an Exterminator, a Flashman and a Crab.

1st Turn: Gargoyle (black Atlas) and Adder are ambushed by a Crab (Cicada), Flashman (Zeus) and Exterminator (Dragon).

In the first turn the Comstar Mechs emerged from there hiding spots and pummelled the Adder. As a Comstar player it was our goal to take down one of the Clan Mechs as quickly as possible. Considering how heavily armoured the Gargoyle is and the positioning of the Clan Mechs after the first turn, our choice was pretty simple; pick on the little guy. 

We continued to harass the Adder whilst evading the Gargoyle, dealing heavy damage it with multiple large lasers on the Flashman and Crab. In reply the Adder hit the Crab with a NARC beacon and rained LRM's down upon it. It wasn't enough to save the Adder though; it fell to multiple engine hits next turn. The Gargoyle drew a bead on the Exterminator and hammered it for a turn, dealing hits with both the Ultra AC 20 and ER medium laser array. Crumbs.

With the Adder down we couldn't avoid the Gargoyle any longer. With the Exterminator heavily damaged after only one turn of fire Wade suggested we just run it in and get a kick in. According to the Clan duelling rules Goomba couldn't return the favour and, for a cheap shot, a successful kick could lead to the Gargoyle being incapacitated much quicker. The Exterminator barely survived the Gargoyle's salvo and landed its kick, along with several medium laser blasts, to the Gargoyle's right leg. Then things started to go pear shaped for our heroes...

For the next hour or so, Wade and I did not win a single initiative roll. With the Gargoyle's comparatively high movement rate, there was no place we could go that he couldn't follow and he made us pay for it every turn. The best we could do was lure him into overlapping firing arcs and clench our teeth. We poured fire into that damned leg, but just couldn't take it out.

Overheating and limping from critical leg hits, Goomba's Gargoyle continued to win initiative and destroyed both Comstar Mechs to secure a decisive victory for the Nova Cats. At the end of the game the Gargoyle's record sheet told the story; massive amounts of damaged spread across too many locations. A few hits shifted to the arms or back onto that right leg and we would have won it. As it was, the Gargoyle MechWarrior had proved his mettle once again... time to give him a name I think!

No armour left in five locations and only one shot left with the autocannon!

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