Wednesday 5 July 2017

A Knight's Tale: Legs Complete

Hi folks,

Following a cooking accident on Friday, I have had my right hand bandaged quite heavily. Thankfully, after the specialist removed the dressings for a peek yesterday, it was clear I had done some X-Men/Wolverine level regeneration. Now it is just a game of regaining flexibility and putting up with the nerves firing randomly. At some point over the past week my wife said "Well... you had better learn how to paint left-handed." We both laughed. I'll let you guess which half of the Knight's legs I did with my left hand yesterday.

Striking a balance between using enough colours to represent both the Iron Snakes and House Feardrakken and not creating a confusing mess has been a challenge. For example, both factions use white in their scheme, but in slightly different ways. Feardrakken use it quite extensively on the armour segments, whereas the Iron Snakes use it as a one-off spot colour. To resolve this I have replaced the white on the armour with Leadbelchers and white decals.

I haven't decided whether I will weather the decals or not yet. At the moment I am just happy that they are on in roughly the correct place.

The Adeptus Mechanicus symbol I was planning to put on the right leg turned out to be a shoulder decal, so I swapped it for a few of the steam-punk cogs. The symbol on the left armour panel is unique to Perseus Intrepidus and came off the Shadowsword sheet. The Aquila on the knee armour cross-references the main theme of the left leg decals.

The Aquila decals that fit into the armour were really tricky to get into position; I still need to use some softening medium and a razor blade to clean up some parts. Again, the symbol on the knee references the other leg.

The next job will be to undercoat the torso and head, then add some glazes. Thankfully, rattle-cans and washes don't require that much fine-motor control! I was planning on doing a free-hand Medusa on the shield, but I think that is well and truly beyond my capability at the moment.

See  you across the table,


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