Friday 21 July 2017

Dark Angels: Character Kitbashing

Hi folks,

I was in the mood for building things a couple of nights ago, so I started working on some Dark Angels characters. The plan is to make some updated versions of some old models that I have. I still love the classic models, especially Ezekiel, but they really stick out like a sore thumb next to my newer figures.



The Dark Vengeance master was always an Azrael wannabe in my mind, so I thought I would make it official. Not much conversion work was required for this guy, just a head and backpack swap. The sword looks impressive enough to be the Sword of Secrets and he has a nicely posed combi-plasma strapped to his back. Thankfully, I also have a spare Watcher in the Dark with Lion Helm to go with him. I'll be undercoating this guy black and going from there.


Even with Ezekiel's classic pose being appropriated by my new Azrael model, I felt like this guy had some big boots to fill. I did a simple arm swap with a drum-fed bolt pistol from the new Ravenwing Command Squad sprue (is that even considered new anymore?). I also gave him a suitably Librarian-esque backpack. I will probably go back and drill out the bolt pistol, and I will definitely be fixing up the floating foot during the basing procedure.

Interrogator Chaplain

I don't have a name for this guy yet, but he is based on the Seraphicus model. Like the Centurions I was working on back in February, this guy only really goes together one way, so making significant modifications was a bit more invasive than usual. I pretty much spent 30 minutes just cutting and shaving away the backpack, as the robes that I wanted to keep were attached. I also gave him a winged jump pack from a Blood Angels model (Astorath the Grim) and a dirty great big powerfist.

I still have some Deathwing and Ravenwing characters to work on, as well two extra Librarians. For no, though, I have plenty of models to paint!

See you across the table,


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