Sunday 30 July 2017

A Knight's Tale: Posing "Perseus" Intrepidus

Hi folks,

After spending the past couple of days layering my Knight Warden, I thought I would piece him together and get a better idea of how the pose was going to work. The top half isn't anything to look at yet; my current weathering technique requires a black undercoat followed by Leadbelchers. I paint the other colours over the top and then scratch into it, forming shaded bullet-holes and scratches. The technique works really well, but it feels like I have been undercoating to death!

One of the main things I wanted to achieve pose-wise was to have the Warden looking over its Chainsword and aiming its carapace weapon (in this case, a twin-linked plasma cannon). The gatling cannon is going to be held down and hopefully painted with some wicked overheating barrel effects.

I played around with the Plasma Hellfire Cannonade direction and found that it looked best pointing straight forward. Its elevation is a little higher than it will be on the finished product, I used a little too much blue tac.

This little glimpse of how it will look has provided some clarity regarding colour choices on the carapace and shoulders, which has kinda been keeping me up at night. It feels like it is starting to come together...

See you across the table,


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