Sunday 29 October 2017

Dark Angels Servitors: TO-DONE!

Hi folks,

In the spirit of finishing off some of those niggling projects that have been hanging around for too long, I finished some servitors off to go with my Techmarine. I built this squad back in the days when you could have four heavy weapons in a servitor crew. These days the limit is two, so I can see another Techmarine getting painted in the near future. To finish these guys off I needed to replace the old busted green plasma glow with the new stylish turquoise glow. That may not sound like a lot of work, but I think it was worth the effort.

I painted one of the servitors with a fully charged plasma cannon, the other is recharging. Take a look at the next pic and see if you can tell the difference between the two.

The fully charged plasma cannon was drybrushed with increasingly lighter shades of turquoise using a short bristled flat brush. I wet blended some of the same shades into some skin colour applied to the face.

The recharging plasma cannon was painted flat turquoise, then I applied increasingly lighter shades as washes to the base of the plasma coils. I then drybrushed Leadbelchers to the top, so that the glow only appears in the gaps between coils.

These guys are now ready to go and Zzzapp! some Primarines. Not that I have anything against them... or anything...


See you across the table,


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