Wednesday 17 December 2014

Hive Fleet Numereji: Building a Better Flyrant

Hi folks,

The past couple of days have been pretty horrid here in Sydney. I guess we have all been expecting something to happen for a while now, but there is no way to emotionally prepare for such insanity. After making sure that the wifey and my friends were ok (two work in the immediate vicinity of the siege), I picked up the kids early and had some family time. This involved me watching my daughter playing How to Train Your Dragon 2 on the Xbox. It was much better than watching the news.


As far as children's movies go, How to Train Your Dragon isn't too bad. Goodness knows, I have had to watch them a million times already and probably not for the last time either. That night I hatched a plan to pay homage to my favourite dragon from the franchise: Cloudjumper. Looking deeply into my bitz box I could see how a Flying Tyrant could be converted, with great difficulty, to look like Cloudjumper. Here's the challenge:

I have decided to start with the head, because if I can't get that right there is no point! Additionally, the Hive Tyrant kit comes with two heads, so I have nothing to lose. To start off the project I identified the features of Cloudjumper's face that are the most important to replicate.

Obviously, I am never going to get it to look exactly the same (...and I wouldn't want to). I needed a challenge, however, and this seemed like something I could pour my creative energy into. Here is a picture of the bits I used and some stages of the construction process:

The metal piece is the lower jaw of an old school Ravener


After the greenstuff has cured I'll finish it off a bit neater with some filing, but overall I'm happy with the way the head has turned out. I'll leave it up to you to decide how close I got to the real thing.
...four wings...
See you across the table,

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