Monday, 22 December 2014

The Battle for Nurgle's Cookbook VII: Part 2

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We pick up the action where we left off: a force of Dark Angels and Blood Angels have discovered the location of Nurgle's Cookbook. Tempted by its promises of Grim Dark Black Forest Cake and Hoarfrosted Bloodcicles, they vow to wrest it from Nurgle's Bookshelf. To complicate matters, a force of Tyranids is also hunting for the book. Emperor knows what they will do with it, or how many worlds they will scour clean in the search for elusive ingredients...

The Death Company slam into the termagants holding the Cookbook and slaughter them. The Chaplain claims the book for the benefit of the Imperial force, as a Malanthrope and Genestealer Brood bare down upon them with malicious intent.

The Swarmlord and the Sanguinor trade blows in a brutal challenge, whilst the Sanguinary Guard watch in awe. The demigods of war go wound for wound for several turns, before the Swarmlord rains down five unanswered blows, hacking the angel apart. Howling in grief, the Guard finally join the melee, but the Swarmlord has already made a psychic distress call. Help is on the way... In the background, the Dark Angels repulse a wave of Termagants with massed boltgun fire under the Banner of Devastation.
Balaam and his Champion, Valefor, stand shoulder to shoulder against the remaining Termagants. Valefor slays four in close combat, but both Dark Angels are overwhelmed. Their Razorback transport is torn apart by Deathleaper and a Lictor.  
The Death Company is charged by a brood of Genestealers, a Malanthrope and Nurgle's Bookcase. Despite to odds being seriously stacked against them, they stand and deliver. Half of the Genestealers are wiped out and the Malanthrope takes 3 wounds. Unbelievably, they retain the Cookbook for several turns and deal a massive amount of wounds to the Tyranids. Eventually, though, the Bookcase got the better of them and grabbed the Cookbook back. Locked in combat with the few remaining Genestealers, the Deathcompany survivors could only watch in frustration as their prize randomly squidged away.
Deathleaper and an attending Lictor charge the Sanguine Guard and pile on a heap of high initiative rending wounds. Having pulled out the heart of the unit, the Swarmlord easily cleans up the remainder. The termagants move on towards the erratically moving Bookshelf. There are no pictures of the Mawloc, as it spent the whole game scattering out of view of the camera and any other useful targets there may have been.  
The Trygon Prime finally, FINALLY, emerges from reserves and immediately destroys the Rhino transporting the Dark Angels on the right flank. The Dark Angels shoot the Bookshelf to pieces and reclaim the Cookbook with the end of the game looming. In the background, the Malanthrope and Broodlord are locked in combat with the Death Company Chaplain and a lone surviving marine (who thinks he is Sanguinius Himself). He is finally killed in the very last turn of the game.
The Dark Angels make their last stand against a swarm of Kaiju. Many fall to the Tyranid shooting phase in the last turn, as the Termagants move around the wrecked Rhino and unleash a hail of Devourer shots.
The Trygon charges and kills every marine except for the Sergeant and the combat squad leader, who stand back-to-back against the encroaching horde. The Sergeant deals a wound to the beast with his Powerfist. During the last turn every other Tyranid failed its charge move. The Dark Angels Sergeant just has to survive one last round of combat with the Trygon, to secure a historic win....
Kaiju victory!
This was a highly enjoyable game, with many epic, heroic and tragic moments. The new Blood Angels performed admirably and, though under-gunned, the Dark Angels came very close to winning the game. Deathleaper and his Lictor friend punched way above their weight, whilst the Mawloc was useless. There just weren't any genuine targets for him and I couldn't roll under 9" for scatter. The Death Company reaped a bloody toll, which pleased Wade no end. I was a bit disappointed with my Genestealers, they just seamed to be missing something that they used to have. Maybe there is something in that Cookbook that will spice them up a little bit... 
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