Monday 8 December 2014

Hive Fleet Numereji: Scythed Hierodule

Hi folks,

I hope you are all going well as we cruise towards the end of the year. It seems like a lot of the people I hang with, both physically and digitally, are feeling thin and stretched at the moment. I have one more day to go before I officially hit holiday mode, and I am just about ready to drop my bundle.

I have been scratching around the garage, cleaning up and getting projects ready for completion. Wifey acquired me some new shelves specifically for my To-Do list projects (thanks wifey!), which I am busy populating with undercoated and half-converted figures. In doing so I came across this fella that I am particularly proud of:

Assembling the miniature was a real challenge, requiring a lot of heating and bending of the legs and scything talons. I also spent a ridiculous amount of time shading his backside, which you can't really see unless you pick him up and turn him upside down!

I have used him in one game and he demolished everything. I know that is not indicative of how a Scythed Hierodule performs usually; there were very few things that could take him down in the opposition force, but it was a lot of fun at the time.

That's it for now. I have some gaming and painting lined up this week, so I should be back to normal blogging soon. I just need to get through tomorrow...

See you across the table,


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