Friday 14 September 2018

Pathfinder: Imrijka the Half-Orc Witch Hunter TO-DONE!

Hi folks,

I had a case of the painting yips on Sunday and completely stuffed up a model, which ended up in the Simple Green pool of shame. I actually began to wonder if I was losing my touch after taking a long break from painting. To allay those fears I worked a bit on the Pathfinder character I have been using during our Monday night sessions, and actually managed to finish it.

Imrijka is a half-orc, so very strong in close-combat, and I have poured a lot of XP into increasing her wisdom skill, which improves checks to use her spells and magical artifacts. As a Witch Hunter, she excels at killing daemons and the like, as well as using blessings very efficiently to add to my dice pool. Her skills allow her to burn through an adventure deck very quickly, as long as there are monsters to kill...

I have focussed on collecting ranged weapons, including the Starbow; a Desna themed weapon. I find it pretty funny that my completely uncharismatic orc should be running around with this dainty bow covered in butterflies.

I have found some Swallowtail Braces to match and have one Blessing of Desna, which combines into a nice combo if I pick them up all at once.

As far as RPG characters go, Imrijka is pretty quirky, in an aggressive, artillery toting way. Let's hope that the paint job will improve my dice rolls with her.

See you across the table,


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